Worst luck on dates! They keep bailing on me, how should I handle this?

Hey guys,

So I have the absolute worst luck on dates, I keep getting bailed on! I asked this one guy out to coffee Monday, not knowing if he had any interest in me. Soon enough he texted me back saying we should get lunch Saturday, which was great it got me all excited. But the day of the date he texts me saying he woke up sick and we should postpone. Obviously I'm a little disappointed, but what should I do now? Should I even look forward or consider this postponed date?

In the past a similar situation happend where a guy bailed and wanted to postpone and then poof he just stopped texting me all at once. I don't want to same thing to happen where I put my self out there to feel disposable again.


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  • I'd lower your expectations. Try and find joy with your own life and while being alone. Think of dates as exciting and an opportunity, but if it gets cancels or goes poorly its not a big deal to you. I'm not trying to say your not happy with you life in general. Just think of dates as a bonus to what you already have.


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  • I think it's best if you just wait for a guy to initiate the date. That way, you won't get disappointed.

    However about the worst luck on dates, you shouldn't be discouraged. There's a lot of guys out there who likes the sound of date, and perhaps you just have the worst luck when it comes choosing guys.

  • He's making excuses so he's not interested. I deal with that too :/


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