How to know I'm not his time pass?

There a guy he confessed his feeling to me that he like me a LOT and want to marry me ,by his behavior and talk he look damn serious well we were in same school but we never talked then I left the school and suddenly one day we met on a social website and he told me he liked me since school time and he tried to find me ,he send all the msges he send to friends to know where I went and blah blah ,i told him I need time to think mean marriage is a big step and I need to do a lot of things in life so until then we are good friends.

he asked for my no I gave it to him but the thing is he only message me at night,very rare times in the day timing .whenever I text him no matter what the time is he would reply me immediately but he regularly text me but only at night ! I want to know why ,sometime I feel like I'm time pass mean when he get free from all things then he text me ,i feel like I'm a time pass for him ! and now I'm falling for him ,pls guys help and let me know what guys you think


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  • I think he's genuinely attracted to you, and you're not his time pass. It might be that he's just really busy.

    • hmmm,thanks .ok so I guess he is not pretending that he like me ! rite

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  • He don't care about me he ignore me ND frm last 3days we dint talk to each other ND he dint call me to say comeback on Whatsapp because of him I deleted all the social acc