Did he want more or did he just want to get laid?

I've been talking to this guy for a month, we've been on 4 dates and hung out a couple times at my place. We talk every day. It's fun and I think it's obvious we like each other, even though we never had that talk about feelings or the relationship we have. Thing is on our third date, we had sex, twice in one night. It was nice and we went out again after that, but now I feel as though he is pulling away. His texts aren't as cute and he doesn't initiate as much, but he always responds. I haven't said anything but I'm nervous he maybe just wants out now...how do I handle this and find out what's going on?


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  • After getting laid, I think he wants to take it slowly with you. Rest assured, he's still into you. It's only when he stops responding to your initiations that he just wants to be out.


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  • I think you just need to chill out a bit more now and want for him to initiate contact. You've made it clear you're interested and so his attempts to contact you when you've stopped promoting him should become pretty clear.

    I don't think he intended to use you for sex from the begining but sometimes after the act, feelings of excitement from chasing someone can disappear and reveal if there is any true interest.

    Either way, just be yourself, keep it clear you're interested and you will find out what you need to know.