How do we go back to our old selves ?

Ok so a good friend and I kissed and had a make out session it just happened and stuff I had feelings for him and he use to like me too. But he doesn't want a relationship and same with me. But he felt bad for the kiss cause I really liked him and I was upset and hurt but got in to a fight we made up this all took place with in one week. so now I don't have feelings for him at all. But I still love our friendship But it's odd to explain because that was my first kiss and makeout session. Now we talk but its not the same ? Why is that ? I miss the old us? How do I fix it?


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  • Just treat him like how you treat your friends. No matter how awkward it is, force yourself to do it. If you keep on reviving the old issue of making out, he'll just get the hint that you're still attracted to him.


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  • 1: Time machine.

    2: Apologize and maybe he will want to be friends, regardless of who's fault it is the only way.

    The truth is in a couple weeks/months you won't even care.

    • We both apologized to each other but still

    • Dunno what to tell ya, sh*t changes. I don't deal with stupid people or people who make it their job to try to screw with me.

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  • Unfortunately you can't really go back from something like that. It's something that will always be between you two. You can give each other space and hope the awkwardness fades away which could lead to you two drifting apart or you can keep trying to pretend like it never happened but you'll both feel weird about it.

    There is really nothing you can do but give it time one way or the other. Either things will go back to being almost normal or they'll fall apart. There isn't a way to go back to the start though.