Why did this guy not want a relationship with me?

I was dating a guy before. But made the mistake of caving too early and sleeping with him on the second date.

He still kept pursuing me, calling, texting regularly. Going out on proper dates in public. About a month in I told him that I did not want casual. He was all full of compliments, praising me and what not then responded with "I will see where it goes."

I feel a little bit disappointed and just go on and did my own thing. Yet he still keeps pursuing me. I think things are going well. Then a month and a half later he tells me he does not want a relationship when he feels what I am thinking.

I was left thinking WTF? I never asked for a relationship! But did want it to lead to somewhere. Not get strung along. After seeing each other one more time after he told me he did not want a relationship. I mention to him 'if this is just a friends with benefits thing I do not want to be a part of it' he then tells me that it is over.

That left me flabbergasted. I mean. I told him a month into it that I did not want casual. Yet he still kept pursuing me. Only to tell me a month and a half later that he wanted nothing to do with me.

Just wondering why go to all that effort just for sex? Also it felt like I was being led on. Led to believe it was more then it really was. He denies this. But if it were not true he would still be wanting to keep things going.

The whole thing just confuses me.

The last time we hung out he remembered my favorite chocolates and flowers.

Why try get to know me with phone calls and date nights also?

Just do not know what went wrong.


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  • You're the only woman that he might be sleeping with that's why he went all with that effort just for sex. Yes, some guys will go through hell just to get laid.

    • Would you call that leading a girl on? It sure felt like it to me. Even though he flatly denies it when I confronted him about that.

      When I asked him why he kept it going after I said I did not want casual. He said that he did not want to hurt me.

      What a lame excuse. Roll eyes.

    • Yes, that's called leading a girl on.

  • He was in it for the sex, but he was also trying to keep you happy.

    • Trying not to be the bad guy. Even though he was just after one thing.

      Would you call that leading a girl on? It sure felt like it to me. Even though he flatly denies it when I confronted him about that.

      Why lie?

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    • There's no rule that says it has to make sense to you. You know that, right?

    • Yeah but don't want to waste my time on someone who only wants sex either so it is best I found out now rather then later! :). Better off in the long run I guess knowing sooner then dragging dead end relationship out.

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