Where can I meet people?

I have tried internet dating for six years with no success. I work 3pm-2am 6 days a week and sometimes 7 days a week. There is no real set days that I work so it changes on a whim. I am SO tired of being single and lonely:( also dating my coworkers is out. A superior can't date the underlings.


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  • If you did like it then find a group at a local non denominational church (they're usually less crazy), they usually have a singles group to meet new people in a non pressure environment, also if you find time volunteer at random places,(library, local science center, cities usually have a list of places online or at the town hall). Another easy way is take one class at a community college, they have people of all ages, they have classes before you have to work, and it's also just good to take a class a year in general to keep your brain active and able to learn easier.

    • Well I only got out of school not too long ago. The people at our community college however are most under 20 and a few people that are retired (went there to get my prereq's outta the way). Generally if I have a day off it's sat or Sunday which I have to do everything in so I honestly don't have time to go to church even if I wanted.


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  • Try enrolling in a few cooking classes or something. Guys like joining those to meet women anyways. If all else fails, ill date ya...haha

  • Is there any activities or hobbies you enjoy? are you religious at all? active? Give more details and I'll give you ideas.

    • Yeah I don't really have time for hobbies or activities and as for church I didlike organized religion.

  • go for 'lunch' and meet people at restaurants/cafes. go out with other employees and get to know some of their friends. you could go out to bars after work and close them down lol

    • Not into bars. And once again fraternizing with employees is off limits and just leads to badness from my experience.

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    • Seems to be you are the one with the stellar personality I am sure you beat them off with a stick! Regardless you know nothing about me and as I said I run a business so yes you do work that much sometimes. And yes my hours aren't ideal, but guess what Life isn't ideal. Shit happens and you gotta roll with the punches or get crushed. All I wanted was some ideas minus bars and employees.

    • lol

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