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I don't know what to do about this guy...what should I do?

I started talking to a new guy recently. He texts me first, and he texts me basically everyday. At first I was really enjoying it, I don't get a lot... Show More

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  • ok well he's trying so it means that he really has something for you so try getting him to go on a movie don't think about the consequence just do it and if he turns you down well its OK just say mayB anothr time thn, you got nothing to lose!

  • i have the same problem! OK there is this girl and she is very pretty I love her personality but she is a couple years younger than me (I am 15) and she lives kinda far away, but that's not the problem. we met once because of my cousin and we liked each other, so we talked for a couple of weeks and things just died down we didn't date because she lived pretty far away. now we have started talking again the last few days , I really like her but I can't tell if she likes me back? my problem is I'm not sure if its because she doesn't like me but its so hard to keep a conversation going, it normally ends up with me saying sooooo... or what's up every 15 20 mins, I put smiley faces and things and she does too, sometimes I even call her babe and she says she doesn't mind it. but I always have to ask the question and her answer is normally hahahaha or :) or yeah and its impossible to keep a convo going. also do you think she likes me because she has liked me before and she sends smiley faces she's very nice and she says things that a friend wouldn't normally say... can someone help?

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