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Alright so I joined a dating site about a month ago out of boredom and to check out what is out there, I honestly do not believe that they work but I didn't give it an honest try.

My question is: On average how many messages does a girl receive per day. If you have ever been on a dating site, just give me an estimate. I am assuming something in the 30 - 100 for a fake picture or a really pretty girl lol.

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  • -__-

    I can't be the only girl that was getting often 100-200 messages a day on that site. It was ridiculous. I thought it was a common thing. I mean, seriously...I was taking screenshots at one point, every time I'd log in...5 new messages within minutes. It was between 15-25 an HOUR. No joke. This was on Plenty of Fish. Although, I'm from Houston, a large amount of people. I know it's at least relatively common here. I knew mine was on the 'above average' end but I still assumed it normal.

    I did try to be polite though and read as many as I was capable, and responded to any that caught my attention.

    I met my boyfriend on that site. (Plenty of Fish)

    • so you are telling me that with an average of 200 a day of spam messages, you managed to still find a guy? was he one of the many or did you engage first ?

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    • And from the other side I think, why do I even bother sending messages if it will get mixed up with the messages from creeps and weirdos, thanks for your answer, it helps getting a good insight

    • Hope it points you in the right direction! (:


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  • When I was on one, I would usually get anywhere from 10-25 new messages a day for the first few days then it was like 10 or less.

  • I'm on a dating sight. I will screen all messages I get to see if they are real. I try to find them on face book too. I have meet a couple of people on them that are really nice. But, just not my type, Some of them are just out for one thing and that's it. If that is what you want then go for it. It you want more then it might take some time to find someone. The guys I see only show there privates and want one thing. S**. So there is a lot of dishonest people out there. Just be careful screen them. I get about 5-7 on a average day and most are about weired. SO DELETE... Just saying. Good Luck. There are still good people out there. They are just scared.

  • about 7 or 8 I guess it varies

  • about a 100 messages and I didn't even have a pic posted, and didn't even write a description...but I did give away the juicy detail that I am a female!

    • Damn, you are a female !? You are everything I am looking for ! please add me ! lol

    • That was how I kind of assumed it worked before I saw the answers to this question honestly. Lol.

  • What would be the point of being on a dating site with a fake picture?

  • When I was on a dating site, I might get one message every few days. Sometimes I got a few at one time, but there was usually always one troll message. Some guy who was on there just for jokes and sent ridiculous messages.

    It's definitely a misconception that girls get hundreds of messages a day. I even sent out messages and rarely got a message back.

    It's all about whether the person you are messaging is actually committed to finding someone. A lot of people just make a profile and then chicken out.


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  • You know how women are swarmed by guys in places like bars/clubs, random events, or even school classes? Yeah, online dating is just the same except they probably get more people contacting them online.

  • They average 21-50 messages per day based on my experience with a lot of women.

  • I put my x gf's picture up and she is a solid 10. She knew I did it and would get like 200+ emails a day