Girls, help me read this girl's mind

I took this girl out to the movies about a month ago. I thought the date went well, at least smooth (we didn't kiss at the end). We texted a couple of times since then but I never called her.

The main reason I didn't call her is because she has been tweeting some confusing stuff. some times she's all like "im lonely and need a bf... etc. and sometimes she talks about a guy that she has a "twitter crush" on.

I guess my question is should I start texting her all the time, calling her? or take her out on a second date?

And what is an acceptable excuse for me not calling/making an effort this whole time?

(I asked this a couple of hours ago but didn't get many answers)


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  • You've been on one date. You don't need to explain yourself. Did you just want a texting buddy? Why wait a month to see about a 2nd date? No more texting. It's a waste of time. Call her and see if she'll talk to you first.

    If she will...and she doesn't sound asleep...then ask about going out 3-4 days later. If she says anything other than a yes, okay, sounds great, or makes a counteroffer for another specific time...then forget about her. Just say "it was nice talking to you..goodbye." I will be very surprised if she agrees to a date.

    • you think she'll say no because I made her wait all this time?

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    • the thing is, since the first date, I've had some out of this world circumstances. I flew to the middle east and back within a week. and once I got here, I had to go to cali for another very hard family situation. so yeah. if she doesn't see this as a valid excuse, I don't what is.

    • Hopefully you didn't tell her about all the traveling details. Simply stating that you were going to be out of town for a while and that you'd call when you return would have been good. I would call her ASAP...and see if she'll answer the phone. If she does, listen to how she reacts. Act like its only been a week since the last date, and if she sounds good, ask her out again. Don't waste more time.


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  • Well you might ask if she is looking for a date.

  • Yeah... She want the d.


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  • There isn't any need for excuse.. just ask her out on a second date, just say it's been a while and you'd like to see her again. FYI movies is a bad choice for the first few dates, the reason you haven't hit it off is most likely because you didn't talk to her enough to form any connection with her. Take her out on a simple lunch or coffee date, just chat like you're with an old friend and then take her on a walk to some unique places/shops (idk, magic shop or pet stores maybe) just so you can have more interesting stuffs to talk about.

    Going on physical activities is also good.. go bowling, ice skating, maybe arcades with games that require you to move your body, hell maybe even go jogging or cycling together. Anything where you can have fun and talk.

  • If you really want to be with her, stop over analyzing things. She's thinking about someone because you didn't spend the time to be with her after the date. A date isn't enough. It's not enough to keep the attraction alive.

    Now, start texting/calling her to hang out with you. The more time you spend with her, the more she'll be attracted to you, and you will look very interesting to her eyes. By keeping distance from her, you're just repelling her away.