What to wear on a first date (for a guy)?

I have a blind date/double date on Friday. A girl from work was like ''her I have a friend you should meet..." and we are going to dinner on Friday evening. I'm not sure where we are going or if we are going to do anything afterward.

I haven't been on a date in like 2 and a half years so I'm a bit rusty. I don't want to over dress but I don't want to under dress.

Jeans or khakis? Polo or button up shirt? Suggestions?

Girls: What would you like to see a guy wear on a first date?

Guys: What do you usually wear on a first date?


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  • NICE jeans and a button up shirt would be okay.

    Casual enough if you don't go anywhere to fancy, but cold look dressy to if you go with a good fit and a dark color,

    Just wear something you feel comfortable in, but know you look good in.


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  • link - With nice dark brown or black shoes (stay away from the tennis shoes)

  • depend on the weather that's a start.

  • Button up and khakis


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  • On a first date you need to wear whatever you think makes you look the best. the better you think you look the more confidence you will have and you will be a lot more attractive to your date.

    For me that is a pair of casual narrow fitting kahkis, green/ brown canvas wingtips, a brooks brothers flannel and a black canvas jacket.

    Definitely go button down but wear one that fits right I see to many guys looking stupid in an ill fitting button down.( what the right size ask a girl friend to come with you to a few different stores and try on their button downs they all fit differently. J. creww and brroks brothers fit me the best. Lacoste just doesn't work on me at all.)

    If you wear jeans wear a dark denim that once again fits you well.

  • Flannel's out. Teeth are in.