I use men for food and money, what's wrong with that?

I mean what's wrong with being a gold digger. Men only date girls for their looks for the most part, they are just as shallow. However dating a girl for her looks is dumber because looks fade, however money can last forever. I don't understand the hate for gold diggers. They make more sense than most people.


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  • I use men for food and money, what's wrong with that?

    Absolutely nothing in my opinion as it's not 'using' as the guys are consenting to spend money on you. No different than guys claim gals aren't 'used' for sex because they consent to it.

    " I don't understand the hate for gold diggers."

    I do as society was built by guys and guys seem to hate being judged by gals and hate being 'used' by gals. Gold digging does both as it's judging guys based on wealth and 'using' guys for their wealth so it's generally hated and seen as wrong.

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  • It's totally fine AS LONG AS you are up-front about it with the guy. Many guys are willing to take on a Sugar Daddy role, as long as they get what they want too.

    It's only wrong if you LIE and tell the guy you have real feelings for him when you don't. As long as you are honest with him, it's all good. Many guys would be completely fine with this relationship.

  • there is nothing wrong with what you're doing. But you should also understand that saying men only date women for their looks and are just as shallow is a generalization probably fueled by the guys you come into contact with.

    My girlfriend and I love each other. She is beautiful but that is only one aspect of why I am with her...

    I'm not trying to say that you need to change your behavior because I say to each their own, BUT maybe if you found a relationship where there was mutual respect, love, and affection for each other than you might realize that the relationship built on looks and money isn't quite as fulfilling.

    So what's wrong with using men for food and money? For me (and I emphasize for me) it wouldn't give me the same sense of love and companionship I get from a relationship based on more than just materialistic things... but for you there may be nothing wrong at all, so keep on keeping on

  • As long as you never call other girls 'slut' or 'whore' or so, it's OK. Just don't count on me.

  • I don't mind gold-diggers, as long as they're honest about their motivations.

    Men care about looks only? I think you're projecting! I would NEVER date a girl who was stupid or had a bad personality. I think most guys would take the same view.

  • It makes you no better than the men that see women only as a piece of meat.

    If you are okay with selling yourself so cheaply, that's your perogative. Keep in mind that sooner or later your actions will have consequences.

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  • Did you really just say that money lasts forever? It actually doesn't. You get t, you spend it, it's gone.

  • I'm ashamed to be the same gender as you right now

    • i'm ashamed of most girls actually. they marry for love or fall for bad boys who treat them like crap. they're just dumb

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    • "i'm ashamed of most girls actually. they marry for love or fall for bad boys who treat them like crap. they're just dumb"

      And giving handjobs and BJs for dinner and clothes and money is high class, sure.

    • Men who are aholes aren't born that way...they are made that way by women like this. Just sayin'...

  • Nothing you go girl I do the same :D

  • Yeah, sure, if you want to be THAT kind of girl, then go on digging. But I think it is offensive for you to generalize men in such a way as to say that all men date for looks. There are men on the dating scene who are looking for a permanent partner. Yes, there are guys who date girls for their looks, and I call them jerks.

    As long as you aren't wasting the time of the guys who are trying to accomplish something, so be it.

  • There are several reasons why it could be considered "wrong". Moral, religious, etc. But I will say that when you do that, you devalue yourself. It says that you don't think you're worth anything but money and sexual favors, and that's all you have to bring to the table. YOU teach others how to treat you. If you teach them to treat you like trash, they will.

    To a lot of people it doesn't make sense at all to spend all of your emotional, mental, and physical energy on someone you're only with for material comfort. When people weigh the cost of working for themselves vs. trading luxury items for sexual favors, most people chose to work for themselves and have the freedom to choose a partner based on mutual attraction.

    I would also like to add that not all or even most, I'd wager, of the male population is fixated on looks alone when they look at the girls they want to date. When they look at the girls they would f*** or pay money to sleep with them, sure. But looks are only the first part of a man's analysis in deciding who he wants to date.

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