If a guy is interested in a girl will he text her?

So I met this guy on a dating site, we hit it off, and we have been only talking for 3 days over text. He said he wants to meet up and have coffee and hang out ,and I want to also,We haven't set a day yet but I was just wondering... if a guy is interested in a girl will he text her every day? Or is it just that I'm used to clingy guys who text me every day that I'm thinking he has backed away. I've always wanted to know this thank you for your help guys :)


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  • The more I like a girl the more time I let pass between texts, at least for the first few texts.

    • "the first few text" meaning the days you text her? like ull text her on Monday, and then wait to text her again till when?

      is this for all guys? or some?

    • I've waited 3 and 4 days to text a girl who gave me her number or to reply to her 1st text if she got my number, then after some witty repartee texts I've waited a couple more days and then I'll send something witty again. No one likes anything that's easy to get or someone who likes you too quickly. I think this is standard, but most probably cut that time in half or less if they don't know she likes them. That said, just because a guy is quick to respond doesn't mean he's desperate.


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  • I guess it depends on the person. But if a guy truly loves a girl he will most certainly like to communicate with her as much as possible. I know this from personal experience. My boyfriend wasn't much of a texter (more of a caller) but I was and well since that was the only way someone could reach me he texts me nonstop now because he loves talking and being with me. Point is, if he likes you he will most definitely talk to you!

  • you haven't even met yet at this point it is not necessary for him to text you so much, honestly before the first few dates I think talking every day is excessive. especially for online dating because you NEVER know until you meet the person. chill out. I'd say until you have gone on 3-4 dates you don't need to talk every day yet.