Best birthday gift for the guy I'm dating

We known each other for six months have been dating for 2 his birthday is next week and I'm at a loss what to get him. He dresses in suits a majority of the time so I considered getting him Tiffany and Co vintage cuff links and making him dinner. I don't want to get him anything too extravagant but he likes nice things so I can't really be cheap either. Any thoughts on this guys/ girls?


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  • The dinner is the best part of the gift; hell remember that longer than he will anything you buy for him. It sounds like he doesn't lack for nice things, so why not just stick with the dinner?

    He won't expect a gift after just two months..other than maybe a nice birthday card.


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  • Cook him a nice dinner, do something with him that he likes that usually you don't, sports game, or whatever it is if any, and as far as a present goes, get him something he'd actually use everyday, don't get something fancy or clothes, guys don't normally like that kind of stuff, just something useful.

  • I think the cuff links is a good gift.

    Something he can see everyday that reminds him of you is a the best gift.

    I think a tie will work as well.


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