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Online dating email mistake?

In your opinion, did I say something wrong in this email I sent to a girl who claimed she wanted to meet me on an online dating site? Hey hows it... Show More

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  • No, in fact I think it's great! I'm on okcupid and I get a lot of messages that say "Hi, sup?" and half the times I don't reply because I don't know how. I'm limited to saying, "Not much, you?" plus I have no idea if they saw my profile or just looked at my picture and decided to message me.

    You on the other hand have sent a message that gives her something directly to respond to, plus has shown that you've read her profile and are messaging her not just because of her picture but because you've identified a common intrest.

What Girls Said 16

  • No, you said nothing wrong.

    If she chooses not to answer then that is on her, not you.

  • It's fine. Not to worry

  • nothing wrong w it

  • unless she's a really big fan of sports, it would be fine... but anyway... I don't see anything wrong with that. It was just a small talk to get thing started.

  • i do.t see anything wrong with that. The only thing is that you spelled "you're" wrong :)

  • see nothing with that...although I'm not into sports so I would just blow by like what lol- but I would still message you back and say sry I have no idea what you are talking about but still would like to get to know you but are you sure its not a scam site and you are just getting automatic messages from these girls I have seen it! They will talk and than say hey I would love to meet but check me out on here and send you to another site- if that's the case shake it off its a scam!

  • Seems like your trying to start a conversation.

  • Nothing wrong with what you wrote. in fact, that you didn't just respond with "hi, how are you" is a huge plus in my opinion. Internet dating seems fraught with problems. Much different when you meet someone face to face. Who knows what happened? Maybe she was talking to someone else she liked more, or just wanted to see what she could get, or just got cold feet. I don't know. Same thing happens to both genders. It's easy to be flaky with online dating!

  • Hmm you're way too worried about things. If you want to put that then put that. Not every girl will like the message but some girls will. Some girls may be happy with a "hey what's up?" while others are like "ehh.. not enough effort"

    it all depends on the girl lol I think you should be yourself and if you want to ask those questions than ask them... the right girl will be flattered that you're showing interest and will answer those questions freely and happily

  • who cares its just the internet...

  • That's the typical type of email sent

    I see nothing wrong with it

  • nothing wrong with that. you have to take those dating sites with a grain of salt. a lot of those people are on there just for the attention, not really to date. I've not had great luck at all on those sites.

  • No there was nothing wrong you said there. Maybe she found another guy.

  • Nope ... see nothing with that message .

  • I was reading on reddit and there was comic strip. The guy text the girl. The phone shows the girl is typing. The guys get all anxiety and wonder why she is taking so long. All the fear and anxiety on this face waiting...Then it shows her falling sleep with the phone on her face and her nose touching a letter.

    Relax, I would say.

What Guys Said 1

  • Why do you jump to conclusion that it was a mistake? I see nothing wrong with this man

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