Online dating email mistake?

In your opinion, did I say something wrong in this email I sent to a girl who claimed she wanted to meet me on an online dating site?

Hey hows it going? Its refreshing to meet a fellow Yankees fan on this site I must say. So I see your a believer in karma, do you think karma is gonna pay a visit to that umpire from game 2 of the alcs? :) So what are some of your favorite places you've traveled to?

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  • No, in fact I think it's great! I'm on okcupid and I get a lot of messages that say "Hi, sup?" and half the times I don't reply because I don't know how. I'm limited to saying, "Not much, you?" plus I have no idea if they saw my profile or just looked at my picture and decided to message me.

    You on the other hand have sent a message that gives her something directly to respond to, plus has shown that you've read her profile and are messaging her not just because of her picture but because you've identified a common intrest.