Online dating... getting to the next step?

Basically I met this guy online and we have great conversations. Sometimes I have to always initiate the conversation but we talk a lot when I do, so I guess that's a good sign. I've also asked if I bugged him and he said not at all, so hopefully he's interested? I just don't know how serious... At one point he said good morning every morning then randomly stopped but we still had our usual good conversations. Now my question is, I've brought up hanging out very nonchalantly and he said yes and it'd be a great time etc. but nothing really serious..

I didn't finish woops... basically I just want to know, when/how do I get to the next step of calling? I know he works or is always with someone so it could be awkward but I'd love to get that far if I can?


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  • It's hard to get to next step at times when you online date. I think in this case if yo uare going to bring up hanging out then you have to suggest a place to meet and hang out. They say choose a place that is crowded and has a lot of people. Maybe for a cup of coffee or something like that. Also if he keeps making up excuses to not see you then be careful hopefully his profile is real and is not a catfish.Another reason that he might not want to meet up can be that maybe he doesn't have no money to hang out. So you have to watch out for guys like that.I think the longer you talk to somebody online then eventually you will meet up with them. It takes different amount of time for everybody.

    • You can always text as well besides call. I think if you do call him you and him must pick a time where you and him both are not busy.Communication is key if you want things to go farther also trust is very important. Just try to find free time to talk on the phone.

    • I think you and him have to find the time to make to call and talk. Also texting is good to if you both can figure out the time. You both have time to talk online. So the next step would be to talk off the computer.Communication and trust is key in making this work.


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  • I don't want to be a Debbie Downer and I know this is not answering your question but I can't help but notice your age says under 18. If that's the case I feel morally obligated to tell you online dating can be really dangerous and most websites have a policy not to even let those under 18 join. If you guys do meet up please be careful.

  • wait are y'all close to the same age caz sorry to break it to you but some guys lie or sometimes women pose as guys. Do a background search before giving your phone number out!

    • Yes he is we are already past being friends on social media sites..

  • Well, the fact that he "doesn't mind" -- in other words, tolerates -- your attention is not really the vantage point a woman wants in a relationship. You're chasing him, which is flattering to HIM, but not to you at all as you ultimately start coming across as desperate. The next step in this scenario? Pull back and see if he comes for you.

    • @update: let HIM call you. STOP CHASING.