He kept rubbing my chin...

So tonight I went on a third date with this guy I've been talking to..he hasn't made a move yet, but tonight at the end while we were sitting in the car he was talking to me and kept rubbing my chin, what's this mean?


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  • I only do this to woman I feel: really comfortable with, really like and think they are absolutly adorable. I'll assume this guy is considering you as a potential love mate and not a one night stand.

    the chin rubbing while talking to you (and looking at your mouth/lips) is a strong indicator of his fondness for you. He wants to go the distance as far as his heart goes, consider yourself lucky he views you this way. He actually respects you a whole lot.

    It is basically a romantic touch and less sexual. He is thinking with his heart and not his penis when he does that. To him you are the most beautiful human being he has ever met at that moment.

    Its all good.


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  • LOL... that is a little unusual. I'm guessing it's his particular thing. Seems like a dominate trait, nothing too negative, it just seems odd. Next time he does this, just ask him why he hasn't kiss you yet. It's bold, seeing as he has no problem reaching for your chin but not your lips.

  • it could be a subconscious act showing his attention to that zone of you body, aka the face/ lips. it could very well be his way of gently breaking the touch barrier so that it wouldn't be too uncomfortable and awkward for when he finally goes in for the kiss


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