Is it normal to have these feelings about guys I meet?

I'm a 27 year old woman and I'm never had a date, a boyfriend, or really have experienced anything romantic (e.g. holding, hands, kissing, etc). There is a guy who I liked but long story short, I found out he was in a relationship that went really sour. I'm not totally convinced he isn't over her. It seems that nearly everyone has been in a relationship. As soon as I find that a guy had a previous girlfriend, I can't help but get really distant. It just scares me. I don't know... Is this normal? I mean, I guess it doesn't matter since I've never had a date, but I can't help how I feel.


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  • By now, guys yur age have pretty much ALL had a girl friend! They might also be inexperienced sexually, but they've had soomeone they call a girlfriend.

    Look at the cup as half full, they won't be so shy and awkward, and have learned from their mistakes.


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  • Im not judging you, and I can't really blamed you due to the current stste of today world. Howevet if you don't put yourself on yhe line, you never know whst your truly missin.afterall the ridk might be great but I understand you from spilling your heart and jus getting it broken.To summarrise in short, take a risk, you just never knw what life has for you.

    Like I always say" you can handle a NO in your life... Can you deal with a WHAT IF ?

    Hope I helped

  • really? 27 years old and never had a boyfriend? well if it makes you feel better, I'm a guy who just turned 25 and has never had a girlfriend


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