He doesn't text me back, should I just give up?

I really like this guy. We were in the same English class during last semester but now he's transferring to a different campus. Now I know for a fact that he's called me cute and is attracted to me I suppose but, we don't have any real contact. We're on winter break now so I don't see him at all so there's no chance for flirting unless we run into each other. I texted him a few weeks back and we had a slight convo but he stopped responding and then I texted him Friday and he never answered. We're friends on Facebook so he knows I'm single and we follow each other on instagram. He's always posting stuff about how he needs a girl who will respect him and that he can treat like a "princess". Should I just give up on him? Considering that he doesn't text me back is there no chance for him and me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, giving up is a good idea.

    He's showing that he's not interested at you at all, or perhaps, he did like you but doesn't like you now. Also, the distance between your campus and his will prove to be a great obstacle and will just ruin your relationship in the long run.


What Girls Said 1

  • he might not know you're interested. guys can be a bit slow with that sort of thing. but I would just let him know you're interested and leave it at that