Pretty much sent him a goodbye text

Title says it all. I sent a text because I was tired of him distancing himself and not replying to my texts like usually so I told him to pretty much have a good life in the text and he didn't answer...I regret it now but have deleted his number and he hasn't tried going on 3 days

Ok so he sent me a happy Valentine text and I asked how he been doing and he said OK and you and I replied good. And that was the end. Why would he even send that? I would have preferred nothing if he's not trying to make things right
Another update..he texted me again today saying I was on his mind I told him that he never left mine and he says yea right and I replied with I wouldn't lie and he didn't respond. I'm so confused now.


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    I did the same thing with a girl I know about six months ago. She was conceited and selfish, never communicating, sending god-awfully annoying one word answers, like "lol" or "ok". I had to keep asking questions to keep her talking to me, otherwise she wouldn't have anything to do with me. It became so bad that I was annoying myself with all the questions! Eventually, she became hostile and grouchy when I talked to her, so I told her that we'd stop communicating. A week ago, I was lonely and missed talking to her, so I texted her again. She seemed so excited and told me how she missed me and was glad we were talking again. I told her the same. She hasn't said one word since. Same old crap. I wish I had never been weak enough to talk to her again.

    The Tickster says: use this to your advantage. Turn over a new leaf, start anew, make a change. Either one works.

    • Wow how did she respond when you told her that y'all were cutting communication? And how do you feel now? How did you get over it?

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    • Omg I am the same way. He actually told me a few times that I was a difficult person to deal with

    • It is just your personality. Learn to accept it and screw that guy. :-)


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  • I'm not sure. Perhaps he sent a mass text to his contact list and had to answer you back. Maybe he was hoping you'd be lonely on Valentine's Day and you'd throw yourself at him. It seems to me that he is probing you. You said yourself that he's not trying.

    As a side note, I also tried to talk to the girl who won't talk to me. It happened the same way. We texted howdy-dos and she stopped. That's all she'll let me have. It is obvious people like that don't care. They have their agendas that only include us when it is convenient. Drop that dude.

    • I just wish he would have removed me and if it was a mass text I would think it would have the fwd as the subject. He didn't have to answer me back because when he sent it I replied with same to you and we could have ended that. Did you try to keep making convo with your girl? With this guy he didn't try to keep our convo going.

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    • Yeah but I really like him and he's so handsome. And he also apologized today and said he had been busy. Should I not fall for it? I think he's being sincere and I wanna show that I won't be sometimey. And not cutting him off

    • He's been busy for a month? He should have paid attention to you beforehand. Am I the only one that thinks that shouldn't be too much to ask? I have learned not to give beautiful women a ton of chances just because they are beautiful. You've been on here back and forth saying he is a player one day and he's wonderful the next. Do you usually give men so many chances?

  • I think he doesn't want to deal with you anymore.

    He's completely cutting you off from his life. It's better that you should accept it, and continue with your life. Thinking about him will just stress and exhaust you unnecessarily.

    • Sorry meant to agree with your answer

  • Hell Yeah! Hi-5 the Smartest thing you done, start of this year.

    Don't let someone be your Top Priority, when you're not their Top Priority.

  • His goal was accomplished. He was such a p****, that he had to put you through hell, so you could break up with him. It's less guilt. He is obviously up to no good. So you go and be naughty yourself.


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  • i did the same as well, why the hell not just tell me you don't want to talk to me anymore rather than keep responding with one word texts... don't understand.

    • What happen? Did you tell him that you were ending it?

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    • Oh girl I would have been pissed with that response too. At least you got a response though he just ignored me. But I am so tempted to text my guy because my cousin still had his number in her phone

    • if you do text... what will you say? I would be straight out with him and ask him what's his deal?

      lol... I hate it when there is no communication. Good luck !