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Did I weird him out he's ignoring me?

Hi I'm a 17 year old girl btw So there's this who graduated last year, and we sorta talked in school but barely. He was friendly and relatively... Show More

I wasn't trying to be flirtatious I was trying to be nice because I'm sort of depressing cynical. By the way I called him by his name in that text also cause he kept saying my name in texts. I noticed he also broke up with girlfriend but his status still says married on Fb. I can't make Friends with guts cause I guess they think in always flirting now a days. I don't want a relationship

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  • You sounded a little bit flirtatious but definitely not desperate the only thing that sounded flirty was ''Yeah well that's a matter of opinion so> :p on you ha ha'' it wasn't desperate or anything just maybe he sees you only as a friend and doesn't wanna lead you on but genuinely likes talking to you maybe he's busy or is sick or something I don't think you weirded him out but I don't know I'm not him of course though I dident experience it like you did so I don't know the whole situation and feel of it I'm just trying to give you some POSSIBILITIES don't let it get you down people come and go in your life you sound like a strong and cool person so keep your head up.

What Girls Said 1

  • Well first off, stop with the negative talk about yourself. It makes most people feel uncomfortable which will effect your relationships. You've lost weight so that's good for your looks and your health. So spend some time focusing on what makes you wonderful!

    As far as the guy goes...sounds like he thought you might be kind of cool and made an attempt to find out, but you blew him off when he tried to text you and then over analyzed his motives. Just relax and let a possible friendship happen easily!

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