What would you handle setting up a date with a woman with a child?

So I met this gal and she is a few years younger than me I'm 23 an has a kid. So I've never been in a situation like this. Kids aren't a big deal to me since I'm around them a lot teaching them music and my sis just had a baby as well. How would you deal with this situation? Like getting her out on a date? Maybe set up a babysitter for her?or do a night in? Obviously she will be really busy so trying to see how to handle it.


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  • I think I will start meeting with her kids first. Get their attention and "tickle" points so they would approve me. Then, I start spending time with their mom, talking to her about personal and deep stuffs. Perhaps, after she put her kid to sleep, we can go out and have some fun. Like a simple date, or just a stroll around town.