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I met this great guy online and we've been on 3 dates. We would talk all the time during the day but before he made me dinner one night he told me that he wanted to take things slow, that in his recent past he rushed into a few relationships and they all came back to bite him in the ass. They way he talked about his past it made it sound like the girls always broke up with him so I understand. I still went over there and he made me dinner, it was a great night, but ever since then conversation has gotten a lot less. I'm so temped to text him and find out what the deal is but part of me is saying dont. It is driving me insane not talking to him like we used to. Any advice would help!


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  • 1. Always understand that there's always 2 sides to a coin

    2. I'm not saying he's wrong or speaking the untruth but he speaks whatever HE sees as correct, just, right and he believes in :)

    3. If he's said 'take things slow' then do so

    4. Maybe he's checking to see if you text / call 1st

    5. I'd say get over your feelings of calling / texting him for the time being and see how things work out

    6. Patience always pays good :)

    7. Probably the same thing or similar happened with the other girls

    8. Better safe than sorry :D


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  • Just talk to him like you anyone else say something like ''hey I've been thinking about you and was woundering how your day has been going so far.''

  • Maybe he is nervous or maybe there was no chemistry for him. Text him and tell him you miss him and had a good time


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  • Somtimes things just don't work out and there's nothing you do do about it. Sounds like you guys just don't chemistry