Why do guys lead on girls? Why did he lead ME on?

So I met this guy, and we talked for weeks, from night until early mourning, on Facebook and Skype. He said things to me no other guy ever said. He called me beautiful, complimented me all the time, said I had the prettiest eyes and talked about how bad he wanted to cuddle me and how much I made him smile. When we finally hung out it was the same thing. He cuddled me, kissed me, hugged me. Told me he wasn't going to talk to any other girls and that I had a chance with him and that he doesn't use girls or lead them on and that he wanted to see me the following weekend. So we ended up hooking up because I told him I trusted him and it was almost 2 years since I've done anything with a guy so it was tempting. I gave him a hand job, and we were making out and feeling each other up. While we were hanging out, he kissed me in front of his friends, and even kissed me goodbye. That night he messaged me saying "xoxoxoxox :)" so I had a good feeling about things. The next day I saw he married some girl on Facebook as a joke, but it really hurt me, so I got worried about getting used again (I told him it happened before too so he knew if he did it to me I would be really hurt and upset) so I asked him if he was even into me at all because I was really into him and he said no.

i'm confused and I'm not sure if I should try talking to him about it. I keep thinking about it and it's already been 3 days since it happened, should I just leave it? and why would he lead me on? Maybe I did something wrong?


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  • No, you shouldn't. You should drop all contact with him. He sounds like one of those guys who says the same thing to every girl that he talks to (I'm guessing a lot) only to get sex and attention and then moves on to the next one or more than one at the same time.


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  • Leave it, ignore him, this will do his head in, and why did he do it, because you allowed him to,x


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  • From what it sounds like, he just wanted to get into your pants. I'm sorry, I know it hurts. I could also be wrong though!