Date cut short because I felt sick. Should I make it up to him?

Actually it wasn't a date haha, but I do like him. I have GERD (basically acid reflux) and really bad anemia. We went out to dinner and I was feeling terrible already, but I didn't want to cancel. So I didn't eat or drink much, but I had a nice time talking to him.

So we went back to his house and he invited me in to hang out for a bit, but I declined because I felt like throwing up lol. He didn't seem upset, but I feel bad. Anyways, I'm only in town for the weekend (we're from the same town, but he's away at college now), so I'm going back home today and I won't see him for at least a month. Do you think I should try to stop by and see him before going home?


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  • YES. Make it up to him, or at least give him an explanation so he doesn't think he did anything wrong and so he knows that you do like him.


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