Do you text your girlfriend when its a night out with the guys?

When me and my boyfriend go out separate with our friends, I always send a text threw out the night to say hi , I love you, or just ask how his night is going. He never replies back and says I'm out with my friends I'm not looking at my phone. But then that makes me feel like he's not thinking about me when he's out, and it makes me wonder is he talking to other girls that he isn't answering me. I just feel like if I'm important then sending a text to me shouldn't be hard and he'd even send me one first to see how my nights going. What do you think?


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  • Fair enough sending him a text but if he doesn't reply don't send him another.You are both on a night out which you should be enjoying,not texting each other all the time or getting wound up when he doesn't.You need to trust him,especially since its a long distance relationship as you mentioned below.If he wanted to chat up other girls he wouldn't have you as a girlfriend.When I go out I might send a few texts saying I got there okay,to have a good night and that I got home okay but that's it.When you or him are on a night out enjoy it! It's good to let your hair down from time to time


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  • No,i wouldn't say,i would only text her to tell her I'm coming home, guys night out means exactly that guys night out,ur still in my head just at the far back


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  • I think you're being clingy. If he wanted to, then he would. He told you that he doesn't check his phone when he is with his friends. Let that be!

    • We have lived together for 3 months I moved to texas with him and moved home due to bei.g home sick so now were 1000 miles away from pittsburgh to texas. Long distance relationships are hard. I trusr him but little things like this make me worry. Just trying to explain situation little more thanks for your advicr