I don't know if he's interested?

So I met this guy when on vacation. He worked in the hotel we were staying at. He was flirtatious and I could tell he was into me. When I came back home I friended him on Facebook, he accepted and we've been talking on there and then eventually texting. He text me the first two days and then didn't for two days. His answers are also really short, like "haha" or ":)" but when I don't respond he'll ask me a question or something. I don't know what to think and I need help! I like him but I don't know if he's interested or not. Should I wait for him to text or should I text first? Do you think he's interested?


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  • He's definitely interested. To make him chase for you more, allow him to text you first.


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  • well he liked you when yall met and talking on fb shows he has an interest in you. try asking him questions, but if you are initiating the texts then id wait for him to text you first. it doesn't sound to me like he's wanting it to go anywhere. I wouldn't think too much into this guy. talk a little bit here and there but don't get your hopes up if he doesn't respond. guys like a chase and all but this doesn't sound like a chase to me.