Guys being strong all the time?

So; there's this guy that I like, but we're really good friends too. We text a lot and Whenever he gets sick and I say that I'm sorry he's sick and worry about him he just texts back acting like its no big deal at all.

However if I get sick he worrys about me and asks how I feel and everything. Why does he do this?


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  • Haha wow your boy sounds like me (I get sick slot due to medical issues involving moms pregnancy) and my girlfriend asked me the same thing. My reply was that I'm so used to it it has no serious effect besides fever stomach etc and I know how to deal with it and what not. But when a guy who really likes a girl and knows she is feeling really bad and is struggling it really makes them feel bad because he would rather have himself be sick and feel awful than you. It's just a sign he likes a lot.


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  • Sounds like pretty normal male behavior, for some guys. Some guys like me were raised to be tough and not to show weakness. In addition, I was raised to protect and help the women I like or care about. He most likely really likes that you care, but he does not know how to say it or show it. If he is asking about you and showing concern, there is a pretty good chance he cares about you...Maybe as more than a friend.

  • Hes your friend cares about you doesn't want you to worry about him


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