Guys, would you rather date a super hot girl with a sucky personality or a cute girl who's got a great heart?

My fiance is the type of guy who's always been with pretty girls and they've f***ed him over. Then I guess there's something about me that drew him to me but I'm not I guess, pretty like the other girls. He really does love me but sometimes I have issues because I know I'm not sexy or have the most beautiful body compared to some girls he's dated but he says it doesn't matter. I'm no where near fat and I have an okay face but sometimes I just feel plain.

Is that something I shouldn't think about if he's happy? I have asked him this in the past and he just shakes his head and says I'm slow :/ So I kind of leave it at that.

I know it would be a plus for any guy to have a super sexy model chick with an amazing personality but what would make you happiest? A girl of your dreams but with an ugly heart or just a regular cute-ish girl but has an amazing heart?

Just curious :)


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  • As a guy about to hit 30 I can say that in my late teens early 20's I and every other young guy my age was so concerned with looks that a hot girl could put me in a state of mental intoxication. Unfit to operate heavy machinery, let alone get to know someone. Sad to say, some of us never grow up, often due to circumstances we don't exactly choose, such as a simple lack of good advice/guidance.

    To address your situation however, I can boil it down to a basic rule that serves me well in general but especially in relationships:

    Only ask a question if you are going to believe the answer.

    If you start asking a question over and over you are inadvertantly telling someone that their words do not carry much weight with you. Ask someone once if you are going to believe their answer and then hold them to that answer. It is all about trust, and in a relationship more than almost anything you have to be able to communicate clearly without any mind games.

    I have to give myself this talk quite a bit, and I still mess up, but the important is I work at it. I understand you feel intimidated by his past girlfriends/hook-ups/whatever but I can say from experience that in a strange way having experience with extremely attractive women is very settling for men. It feels like such a shallow thing to care about, but there is a part of you that no longer has something to prove. You are then able to treat finding someone you are attracted to as a good starting point for a potential relationship... not the "target acquired" routine that seems to seems to dominate college parties. It sounds like your fiance appreciates having someone he is attracted to and is genuinely connected with.

    • I see what your saying I think. I've only brought it up a few times because I hope maybe I can get it out of him but that's why I needed to hear it from someone else I think. I do trust my fiance and what he tells me but there's always that what if feeling. I think its just something about myself that I have to learn. That's understandable. but you never think about those attractive girls after proving yourself when your with a slightly less out there type chick?


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  • Haha...for me I would definitely choose the second one ,but It's just me :)

    most guys go for first ones when they don't want to pursue a romantic relationship with them...

    nobody wants a person with a bitter be just as you ,wait for quality ^_^

    • No one wants a bitter heart your right but I see so many guys dating high maintenance chicks and calling them a bitch behind their back and stuff so guys still do go through with it. lol.

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    • haha so they like try to prove that they can get a hotter girl?

    • Yup ,but in reality those guys sucks :P

  • I don't want to date anybody with a sucky personality.

    P.S. I see in your profile that you're expecting your first child on February 4th. Has the baby come already, or are you still waiting?

    • Yes! No she's being stubborn, I'm ready for her to come anytime now. :)

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    • I was a baby myself once. I know they can be challenging.

    • thanks :) lmao! I think I was a baby once too, its pay back my mom told me. Plus me and my fiance can be pretty off the wall so this baby might be more of a challenge then most !

  • Personality is the most important thing. If a I meet a gal I think is plain, if I talk and get to know her, and we hit it off, she does not seem so plain anymore. I cute gal with a great personality is the bomb. I super model gal that has a sucky personality will seem less pretty as I get to know her more.

    • I didn't think about it like that! But is a plain girl enough for you, or other people after the lust and sparks fade a little bit?

    • Looks fade too. A plain girl that is special to me and nice, is more than enough. When you look in a gals eyes, and see the connection, she becomes the most beautiful woman I know...plain or not. :)

  • Is there even a choice?

  • good heart. looks don't last forever

  • "Guys, would you rather date a super hot girl with a sucky personality..."



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