Do girls tend to date jerks or is that lie "Nice Guys" make up?

When I think more and more about nice guys, and what I've seen about nice guys...

The more I think about how skrewed their perspective is.

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I've attracted nothing but nice guys to me.

From my experience:

The nicest guy to me was the most boring of all. I wasn't a bitch and told him to f*ck off. I let him down gently.

Another one wasn't a jerk, he just had his own issues. But I liked him the most because he was funny and was more my type.

My current boyfriend is neither boring nor unstable. He's a great guy.


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  • The problem is that most guys instantly assume the other dude's a jerk if she picks him over them. It's self-justification to keep self-esteem, it's an easy excuse.

    If the other dude is nice and she picks him over the guy, who's also nice, then there's another, harder to explain to themselves, fault in it.


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  • A lot of girls go quickly into a relationship with guys they think are Mr.Right, an end up Hurt an go to Mr.Nice guy to comfort their Ego & heart, an even tho that Nice Guy is always there for her, she'll look elsewhere for more Jerks to break her heart, as she Complains there's no Real Men on Earth, even tho they Half Ass look.

  • I get tired of nice guy jerk questions. Everyone has there own perspective on what a person is. I dislike the nomer Nice Guy it can encompass a lot of different types of guys. Same goes for jerk it to encompasses a lot of different types.

  • Girls do, even Science has proven it. Women are more attracted towards guys who score high on the Dark Triad test and that test is one that basically is "how much of an a**hole are you" (but more scientifically stated).

    If you think nice guys are boring, you're not finding the right ones. Or you're being immature and think going out and partying and getting sh*tfaced is mature or fun or something? Don't know you enough to say.

  • It's a known fact, there is different claims behind it, more interesting, unafraid to say whatever he wants to, sh*t like that.

  • A lot of people jump into relationships with people they barely know, for some reason. In that case, girls can end up with guys who have some nasty tendencies below their skin, and yet the girl sticks around, as she doesn't admit she chose poorly. Or is just afraid to do so.

    However, another case is when the guy just doesn't see his own flaws, and believes that he is perfect enough to be liked, and thus believes it should be mandatory for the girl to be as obsessed with him as he is with her. Not to mention, she should like him for all the 'nice' things he does for her, how he listens to her feelings, how he always pays attention, and whatever else. Technically, he's trying to manipulate the girl to like him through emotional dependency, which, honestly doesn't always work. In fact, more often never.


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  • yeah girls do at first tend to go for the jerk...its like an opposites attract kinda thing