Do couples sometimes kiss to show off or is it insecurity or something else?

I was invited to go eat with family today. I was sitting at a center table when another couple came in and was seated at a table right in front of me.

As I waited to place my order the man pointedly stared at me then began to make out with her (about a minute each time they kissed). I wasn't staring I was just facing their direction. I couldn't help but see them. It really appeared as if the reason he decided to start kissing her was... because he had an audience?

When they finally stopped kissing the first time he whispered to her then they BOTH looked at me. I really don't mind people who are in love showing each other affection. What bothers me is when they literally stare at you for a few seconds first.

This doesn't happen that often but I remember once 2 years ago I was at the drive through paying. I looked inside waiting for the cashier to come back to the window. The couple ordering food inside saw me waiting/looking in and all of a sudden they were very touchy then started to kiss. They stopped when I looked away. When I had to face them to receive my food they "suddenly" felt like kissing again.

So do couples sometimes show PDA in this particular manner to try making you jealous? To show off? Are they just a bit insecure? Or just suddenly feel like being affectionate and want others to see they are in love?

It bothers me a little because couples who want to be seen making out/kissing don't seem to be doing it because they are in the moment but simply to get a reaction.

And does this happen to anybody else (the staring directly AT you before the couple begins PDAs)? How do you react?


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  • He probably thought you were checking him out lol

    • Ha ha! I didn't notice him until he stared then went at her. But yeah, you are probably right ^___^


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  • Maybe they just to show off, to attract your attention, let them feel happy,If it happened to me I will leave, or don't care!


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  • Some do to show off while some do because they are feeling too excited about their relationship.It annoys me how they think they own this world.

  • yea some couples do show off, its pretty pathetic. I work in retail and every time a guy is asking for help about products, I'm always good at customer service, I smile and am friendly, and his girlfriend always comes over to hold his hand and peck him on the cheek. its like jeez a man can't even shop without some clingy girlfriend by his side these days? it hadn't even been a minute since he came to buy products...

    another time I was on the train, was really crowded, some a**hole couples comes take over the entire pole I'm holding my hand on, they just lean against it making out, not caring that others are looking, and the bitch squashed my hand on the pole, its like how are other people on the train supposed to stand? plus I was there first. I wish I had said something like yelled at them but I always wuss out.

  • Wow, that sounds weird. Never happened to me though and I am not sure how I would have reacted. Probably just would have thought to myself they were awkward :D