Should I go for it or wait until university?

I'm 18 and considering signing up for dating site because I have never had a boyfriend and I am losing hope. I am going to university next September so should I wait until then and see what happens or should I join the dating site now? Help please.


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  • I'm not going to say anything about dating sites because I've never used one.

    I have been to University and so I will talk about this. First of all, you will meet fantastic people at your University almost immediately. You just need to try and be a little pro-active and brave when you arrive and introduce yourself to people living around you. This will get you involved with a wide variety of people and from there you will start seeing those who you have connections with and those who you don't. Usually, your roommate (if you are living in dormitories) will be a great friend and ally in your first year at University if you can be friendly and flexible. Not all roommates are perfect or nice, but generally they tend to be people you can trust and get a long with. Use your instincts.

    After this initial stage of meeting people (practice remembering their names it makes you popular to know everyone by name quickly) you will spend more time with those you connect with and among guys can start scouting for a person you'd enjoy being in a relationship with. University is a time for experiences and finding what kind of life journey you want to take. You will make mistakes and you will make wise decisions, but by believing in yourself you will find your true path. Part of this path will be finding the right guy for you.

    I had many girl, friends in university who were new to dating or virgins or both and it all depended on them when they wanted that experience and who it was with.

    Short story, I believe University will bring a whole lot more towards your dating/personal life than a site will, and you are at least guaranteed the person you meet was at least able to get into University. :)

    • Thank you for best answer, was just helping to give some advice. To me it always seems like younger siblings had inside advice but as an oldest child I've always learned things on my own. So here was advice I'd gained from experience to pass down to someone finding their way. Best of luck next year! Be confident in who you are and you'll do what is right for you.

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  • Meeting people in 'real time' is'll not be able to sift through all the liars and creeps on dating sites.

    Stick to meeting guys in classes or in clubs for people with common interests, or at work..places where you can size them up before getting involved with them in any way.

  • If you have never had a boyfriend there is a reason. You are so hot that guys don't even try for fear of rejection? You are too ugly? No, that isn't possible. I have seen some fugly females and they were married. So there is no too ugly. The other possibility, you are a terminal virgin? Your a virgin, and you make sure everyone knows it, so guys don't waste any effort on an impossible cause?

  • Go to college Meet a smart handsome fella who can actually talk to a woman face to face, I once went on a date with a woman I met online she typed really well but when we met in person she had nothing worth talking about !, it is sad that people today are so caught up in the internet. meet a person face to face in college you are sure to meet a guy with similar interests & intelect. physical attraction is easy to see in person, anyone can post a old photo of themselves or post a photo of someone else for that matter on a dating site you never know what you are going to get from online dating. hope my answer helps you

  • i never used a dateing site so I couldn't tell you about that.. hmm I say just be your self ' and the right guy will come to u.. just wait entil you get to university and you never know you might find the right one their..

  • I'd suggest the dating site but don't take it too seriously. Just use it to get some experience dating but don't look for anything too meaningful if you are going away soon. Obviously if you meet someone you really like you can change your mind on how serious you want to be :P

  • The university is definitely a great place to meet new people, so wait it out to have that experience.


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