How can I get more guys?

I want to go on more dates and date new guys.the thing is I'm shy and don't flirt much.I I'm only dating one guy now but I want more can I get more guys? Where is the best place to meet men?

I'm single.we are dating but not in a relationship so there is nothing wrong with keeping my options open. Why would I be exclusive to someone who I don't have a commitment with?


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  • Put more effort on your look.Appear more attractive to them.Even though I don't encourage you to do this since its not a good behavior,but I will still give you suggestions.


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  • You won't get any guys if they learn about this, because no guy wants to be stirring anothers soup,x

  • So you're basically just keeping this dude on the back burner. THAT is f***ing horrible.

    • '@update...does he know, or are you stringing him along? I'm guessing he thinks you're into him

    • I am into him, but I'm not in love with him either. He hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend so I'm not stringing him along anymore than he's stringing me along.

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