Should I tell my boyfriend the truth.?

i've been dating this guy for about a week and I really like him, we were pretty good friends before we started dating, but one night we were playing 21 questions and he asked me what me biggest secret was, well I'm embarrassed to tell him so I made something up, he knew I was lieing but let it slide, my secret is that I cut, I wanna tell him but I'm afraid that he'll tell everyone, break up with me or make fun of me, I mean I wouldn't blame him who wants to date a girl that cuts... please help should I tell him?:(


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  • It's not your fault that you cut. just make sure you're getting help for it. most of my friends do, and I understand that all of them have different reasons for it. it really isn't your fault. if you don't trust him then maybe you shouldn't tell him. and it is pretty early into the you could wait a while before you tell him something that is so big and means so much to you. it's okay:) just give it time, and if you still don't feel comfortable, then maybe he isn't right for you.


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  • What do you cut?


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