How often do you text a girl you like (after first kiss)?

So, I am dating this guy, he seems to be really nice, but I'm not sure if he actually likes me. When we first met, we immediately clicked. On the second date he first kissed me. Then he asked me how the guy I would marry has to be like. I told him that I want someone who respects my independence and gives me space. I said it totally stressed me out when another guy I was dating texted me already 10 days after the first date, saying that he misses me and wanting to see me again. I also told him if I'm in a relationship, I don't want to be expected to see my boyfriend every second day or so. He then said "ah, I understand, you don't want a clingy guy?" and I said yes exactly. When he walked me home, he stopped every minute to kiss me again, and when we said goodbye he told me that I am amazing. Three days later he texted me, asking how I am doing, but not asking me out again. Since then I haven't heard from him. It's been 6 days now. To my own surprise, I actually miss this guy, and I am wondering why he doesn't contact me. Did he lose interest? Or is he just trying not to be clingy because of what I said? I mean it was OK when we texted just about once or twice a week before the kiss happened, but shouldn't he show a little more interest now?


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  • He just listened to what you wanted. You do know you can text him too? Or is that a girl thing not to txt? He might want you to reciprocate and text him back first? Take at a compliment, he actually respects you!

    I personally don't text more then once week in a new relationship.

    Best of luck.

    • Thanks a lot! Haha yeah I know I can text him too, but I actually thought he lost interest and so I didn't want to run after someone who doesn't want me. Because if it's the other way round, I find it quite annoying to be chased by guys I have no interest in... But you are right, I will just text him and see what happens :-)


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  • Not gonna lie, when I first kissed a girl, I texted her about 3 hours after she went back to her house. Just simple text saying how it was a great moment etc etc and asked if she wanted to meet sometime on the weekend for supper. So I guess the same day, not even waiting for the next. But I do have to agree, when someone says not to be clingy I would usually always think of them and be rather afraid to text about a random thought/question/comment for fear of being associated with being clingy. Food for thought.

  • usually the next day.


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