Is it harder to meet potential dates as you get older?

As I get older I find it harder to meet potential girls. I'm in my final year at university at will be graduating in a few months and am going to be turning 24 next week. I guess one of the main reasons I find it hard to meet potential dates is because I would rather date a girl older than me or my age rather than younger girls. My university is full of girls who are younger than me, most of them being 18-21. If I didn't mind dating younger girls than I could meet many potential dates but a lot of these girls seem to be still quite immature for me. I think I am quite mature for my age. But once I'm out of university I feel as if it going to be much harder to meet potential dates.

What do you think?


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  • Yes, getting older does not mean really girlfriend and boyfriend type thing! It is boyfriend and girlfriend thing but not as kids/teens way! When you get olde marriage is more of the case, so you want to find that special someone who is lets compare apples! You go into a grocery store and want apples, there are tons of apples, but their is one that is perfectly round and it is very tasty, and you want to savior that apple and keep it forever same idea


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  • it isn't harder you just aren't looking for the same kinda girls you were when you were in your teen years. You want a reAL girl not just a hookup and those girls are a little tougher to find.


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