What is up with the women on online dating sites?

I've talked to a couple women online dating sites before , what annoys me is why make an effort in something you're clearly not interested in?

Its not like they don't talk at all, they find you attractive and talk to you often yet they never want to meet up? Even after weeks of talking, a simple meet up for a cup is out of the question?

So My question is why make an effort at all and waste men's time when they can be spending time with other girls who actually are interested?

Who else deals with the same thing?

  • Vote A They are just not that interested in meeting up or dating
  • Vote B They don't find you that attractive.
  • Vote C No one truly knows
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Most Helpful Girl

  • You have to get to know someone a little bit before you decide they are worth getting to know outside of the internet. No offense but they probably decided you aren't their type. You said you have only talked to a couple of women? It takes talking to a lot of people before you can find the person that is right for you. I have talked to men that have been on dating websites and according to them a lot of women won't even bother to talk to them, women are very selective, in nature the female of the species always decides who she will mate with as opposed to the male deciding. And then if even when they do talk to them the guys have a hard time getting a date, its normal. The women are not messing with you. She is saving you time by deciding not to pursue it because she knows she won't be interested long term. It's not even personal it has to do with personality differences and interests.