Why men complain about body hurting, tired etc.. when first start talking/dating?

I am sorry but when you are first getting to know someone I just do not understand why men go on and on about how hard they work, body hurts, tired...etc... These men are 45-52? I too have aches and pains and work a lot, but when I am dating or with my man (when I find him), this should not be the main topic of conversation? I don't understand it. It kills the mood and only tells me you are have nothing else to talk about? Is it that these men I am meeting are the ones that their wives divorced because the man only wanted to sit around and not enjoy life, just wanted to complain?


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  • So what, they should just suffer and be stoic about it? Or only talk about you? Why would I want anything to do with a woman who never wanted to hear that I'm proud of how hard I work, or that I'm tired and sore and could use some empathy? Is the reason you're over 45 and don't have a man is that your needs and interests are the only ones that matter in a relationship?

    • I can see how I may have come off:) The problem is that it is the first or second sentence when we first talk for the first time. I am a very caring person and take on others emotions (if they feel down I want to make it all better...etc...) so when I hear someone is hurting I feel for them and wish they were not and then catch myself and say I don't even know them? I am the one who hugs often, takes care and babies you when your down or sick. I guess it is just hard for me to think that when I

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  • I've dated a lot of men 45 and older...and I'll say that yes they do complain. But just to let you know how hard they work lol