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I'm scared I'll get made fun of! :(

Well , I'm a bi sexual female . And there's this girl who is crushing on me right now.. She sent me a Valentine's card but she didn't want me to know... Show More

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  • is she considered ugly or you? Is it because your bi? If you really want to be with her? Who cares what other people think. Their nothing but bullies anyway, to say that. Besides you may change how they look that at it. Just remember be proactive not reactive.

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  • If they make fun of you they must really be living in the 50's, have nothing better to do, and should seriously learn to grow up. I hope things work out with you and her.

  • if it will cheer you up, I get bullied to this day for being ugly an never having a girlfriend or a female friend .

  • There's actually no such thing as being "bisexual". There was an article posted about it recently. I would post it but I can't because I don't have enough experience points to post a link

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