Should I reply to the text message?? people over 20 please respond.

Last weekend I went on a date with this guy and we got along really well and had pretty good chemistry for the most part.( awkward lulls in the conversation.) the point..I haven't called or text messaged because I know he visiting with family and works crazy shifts. Well I received a text message last night saying "hey babe, sorry the last few days have been crazy, I will call you tomorrow."

Do I reply to it? or do I just wait for him to call...i still want him to know I'm interested but I just don't I reply or not? and what do I say?

ok...i replied with "Hey, Don't worry about it- totally understand having busy days! lol. Hope all is going well and look forward to talking to you later on."

Was that a good reply? I wanna show interest, not desperation. lol.


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  • Heck yes reply to it. This isn't a game so just say, "That's ok. I hope things slow down a bit for you."

    • Yes that's a great reply. No you don't look desperate. Just relax and go with the flow before you drive yourself nutty.


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  • Just reply so he knows you care. Like say "Oh don't worry about it we will talk soon" something like that.

  • yea that's a good reply he should notice the interest.


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  • That's a fine reply. You were overthinking that one just a little much. ;)

    It's nice to let him know that you're interested. Good luck with the relationship!