Why is my partner going on chat rooms.....

Should I be bothered that my partner of two years is going on to the dating site where we met each other every now and then... I personally don't think he needs to or why he does I don't know...


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  • I would be. And I'd wonder what he's doing on the site. I think before you get too upset or bothered though you should simply communicate him. confront (not angrily or in an accusatory way) and ask him what is he doing on the site. Tell him you feel uncomfortable that he's out there on dating site. If what he's doing is harmless (e.g. make friends, if the dating site has that kind fo feature) then he should easily be able to tell you the truth, if he's being shady you'll be able to tell by his reaction (either he is defensive, angry, or lies)

    But I think you definitely have a right to be concerned and bothered


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  • Well he could just have pen pals that live far away, or he may just like to talk. As long as his status is not set to "single" then I wouldn't worry about it.

  • he is bored


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