Why do guys date girls until Valentine's then breakup?

there are so many guys worried about gifts and dumping the girl afterwards


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  • because girls should be more smarter with who they pick

    there are a lot of useless guys out there who are selfish

    their parents probably didn't teach them how to be a man.

    and all they do is cop out or act like selfish children when they realize they aren't good enough.

    honestly, that's the saddest thing, to dump your girl on Valentine's day.

    we need less individuals like that in this world.

    anyways happy Valentine's day to everyone

    • wouldnt dump a girl on Valentine's day but before hand? ya definitely.There's a lot of selfish guy out there because dating is expensive-flat out same with the cost of living nowadays. Take care of yourself before others in this world. That's what girls do so should guys.


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  • I've known a couple of guys over the years who have done that, but they didn't do it to be cruel. They did it because they were already seriously debating whether or not to keep their then current girlfriends. They didn't want to put on a false display of extra love and affection, they wanted to stop covering up how they really felt about the relationship. Basically, they were both indecisive with regards to the relationship, until they felt forced to make a decision.

    I'm sure that some guys do break up with girlfriends on or close to Valentine's Day to be cruel, but I don't know any who have done that.

  • Haha, I just asked a similar question. I think that it's messed up but kinda funny. The relationship is probably over anyway and the prospect of spending money on someone you really don't want to be with is probably more than some guys can stomach. Lol. Having a Girlfriend always costs the guy more $$$ so he really, really has to be into her to continue to be willing to shell out that kind of money.

    • lol ikr it is kinda funny but they should already know what the outcome gone be if they trying to act like miss wifey lol if he ain't showing you no love back on the internet then it just bull

    • I was crackin' up cause my brother and I were just talking about it. How we both know a couple people who told us they were pulling the plug before the holiday lol. That's life though. If I was a girl I'd be pissed if my Boyfriend broke up with me on Feb 12th, or December 22nd. Lol. But from the guy's point of view, that's good business. Lmao/

  • "I bought her that gift and all I got was this lousy blowjob"

    • "Last birthday she got you a new sweater

      Put it on, give her a kiss, and tell her do better

      She said how bout I get you jewelry from the West End

      How bout she hit the Westin and get her best friend"

      -Kanye West


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  • Valentine's Day probably sheds intense light on all relationships, and for those that are already going downhill, that can be bad news. You start thinking about all of the cracks in the foundation of the relationship and want out.

  • No idea. Sadly enough, it's been proven that Valentines' Day is the number one day of the year for breakups. Isn't humanity great?

  • I have no idea - I didn't realize this was such an epidemic.