She never texts me first

normally I wouldn't care, but we started talking by her approaching ME at a party, and the first time we hung out she texted me asking to hang out.

we've been talking for a few weeks, and right now I'm testing her by not txting her to see if she texts me. she's away at college anyway she won't be home for another 2-3 weeks

i can tell she likes me but I feel like I'm gving her too much attention

i don't mind initiating, but part of why I was drawn to her at first was because she wasn't scared to initiate also


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  • I never understand the obsession with who texts who first. If you texted her and she ignored you, THEN I'd say that would be annoying. But if she responds when you do text her, there shouldn't be an issue. You said she approached you, she texted you first and asked you out... it sounds like she is the one always making all of the moves. Maybe she thinks it's your turn. Maybe she's been feeling the way you are now - "I've initiated everything, I'm gonna test him and make him initiate now."

    Stop testing her, just talk to her when you want to talk to her. Who cares who texts first.


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  • maybe she feels she has shown too much interest and she's afraid you might think she's a stalker. maybe you should try to text her first.


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  • Just be like "why do you never text me first bitch?!?!?" and she will start doing it.