Do white girls date Spanish guy ??

What's a good advice for a dominican guy from new york who dreams to date a white girl ?


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  • I dated a south American guy in college. But a guy who says he "dreams to date a white girl," kinda throws me off. Most girls want to be seen as individuals, not dolls where you pick out the height, skin color and hair style!


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  • Of course there are white girls who will date you, just as there are white girls who wouldn't date you. There's no real advice aside from the one that can be given to every other male (or female) on this planet. Be normal, be nice, and chill.


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  • Why do you specifically want a white girl? "Dreams to date a white girl" is the lamest sh*t I've ever heard to be honest. Dreams are something which are quite hard to fulfill like dreaming to become a multimillionaire or owning a Ferrari. Not getting a chance to date a white girl lol. Finding a girl to date of any race shouldn't be a dream, finding a girl to date who is in the level of a supermodel regardless of what race she is what I'd consider a dream. There are so many gorgeous girls in your race but if you happen to live in an area where it's to find a Spanish girl or a single Spanish girl to date then I understand. Anyways just approach a white girl you like just how you'd approach any other girl.