I'm meeting an internet-date for the first time..

We totally hit it off immediately, I've seen his pics, he saw mine, we went on Skype (webcam).

But, could you guys tell me the things he's going to be focusing on when he sees me for the first time, in the real? What do guys pay attention to when meeting a girl for the first time?


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  • first thing I look to see how much in person she looks like the person from the pics.

    But after that I focus on everything she says. I ask a lot of questions I want to know what she does, how she feels about it, what are her goals (short term and long term). I've asked about experiences with online dating.

    Mostly I want to get know as much about the person, that's really my sole focus. To see if we mesh


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  • Face, boobs, body shape. Not judging, but just observing. When you're walking away, ass and legs.

    A guy will sum up whether he likes the look of you in person, in a matter of seconds. After that, it's really going to be about your personality and how he feels around you. If you flirt with him the right way, he'll feel like he's sexy and desireable, and that can be a powerful attractor. I hope you have a good smile, because for many guys that can also be a winner.

  • Just seeing how you two connect in person.

    Treat it as a normal date where you don't know each other that well, but there was a spark, see if there's more.

  • Everything pretty much. Think of when you previously have met someone. You will generally look at the way they present themselves, how they speak, tone, how they dress, etc etc


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