What should I do if my boyfriend doesn't text me all day?!

like I have texted him 3 times and he hasn't talked to me al day and now my other friends are telling me to break up with him but I don't know what to do


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  • It'd be stupid to break up with a guy just because he hasn't texted you for just one day. Calm down and don't listen to your friends. IT"S ONLY BEEN ONE DAY. Maybe he's busy or his phone doesn't have battery.


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  • That's a really stupid reason to break up, but very typical for girls in their teens. Claims to be in love one minute, breaks up for nothing the next.

  • People get busy. Also, it's a bit harsh to break up with someone for not responding don't you think?

    Just some advice, texting too much can get boring, plus people need their space. Things will be fine for you I'm sure.

    • I agree. I think the friends saying this have to do with the age they're at though

What Girls Said 4

  • First off, NEVER text the guy first. Let him text you!

    Secondly, after you text him one time, WAIT for his reply and quit texting the boy. How annoying and clingy and desperate do you sound when you keep texting him over and over again! How old are you, 12?

    And last, its only texting. Calm down. He might be busy, he might be tired, he might need a little break from you. If you are acting like this over texts, I can only imagine what you are like in real life omg.

    Breathe, quit texting him, and see what happens. Give it 2-3 days. If he doesn't respond still, call him. If he doesn't pick up, then its over.

  • Lol wow young lust...i had this problem when I was younger and its ez when he texts you or calls don't respond when you decide to give in after 2 days hopefully listen to his excuse...if it sounds like bs then YOU decide what YOU think is best...

  • Relax. Give him a little space. He might be busy. Dumping him because you didn't hear from him one day is a little drastic.

  • Oh my gosh, calm the heck down!

    So he didn't text you for a day.. It's just a DAY. Maybe he's busy. Or has no signal. Or his battery died. Or he lost his phone.

    Seriously, you're going to break up with him because he didn't reply for one day?!