Why did he give me his number?

Ok everyone this senior boy gave me his phone number and told me to text him. I'm a freshman and he also has a girlfriend. why did he give it to me and tell me to text him? and also should I text him or wait for him to text me? please comment below asap!


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  • It sounds like he wants to be friends, or more.

    If you want to text him, then text him. But make sure it stays strictly friendly since he has a girlfriend. If he wants more than friendship while he has a girlfriend, that's scummy and I'd ignore him.


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  • Ya'll are "friends", right? That's probably why..

    • we aren't friends at all. but we have staredowns though

    • Oh, then maybe he wants to be friends

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  • No. Don't text him. It is a guys place to pursue the girl.

    • No one should be pursuing anything! This kid has a girlfriend, don't listen to her!

    • Oh crap I totally missed that part! Sorry! But yeah maybe he wants to be friends but I would still be a little cautious around this guy.

    • ok thanks.

  • he wants you and his girlfriend. is that someone you want in your life...?

    • honestly, OK so during track season a few months ago he was always staring at me and everyone thought he was into me because he wouldn't stop staring. then the other day I was like you know what it wouldn't hurt to message him and he ended up responding right away and then we talked for a bit and said text me its easier and gave me his number and now we always txt. he texts me alot

  • Does he have your number? Or did he just give you his?

    If he has your number, wait for him to text you. If not, well, it depends on his reputation...

    • he always used to stare at me a few months ago because we did the same sport. but he's older than me and he gave me his number after I said gtg on fb. and yea he texts me

    • I can't really tell if he likes you or not:( ya see, I'm not really good at knowing that:/ haha! If you like him good luck!