Help ! Are boundaries being crossed ?

I feel like a tool asking for advice on this ..but I know you guys and girls will help me ! My boyfriend has a girl best friend but lately I feel boundaries are being crossed . I don't know how to even bring the subject up with him without sounding like a jealous girlfriend ! I do not know her but know of her if that makes sense .. but she is constantly texting him .. even in the early hours when I am actually with him ! ...if he doesn't reply she texts him until he does ... he keeps assuring me she is a best friend that he has known for ages .. nd I have just let it pass without making a comment ! However (this is where I cringe ) he left his Facebook on my computer and yes I did look at his messages .. and there she is again .. asking if they can meet up because she misses him and wants to go clubbing etc ... no mention at all of me being included .. nd both calling each other BABE ! .. and then today I discover that when I was actually sleeping right next to him he comments a stupid photo of her at 4.30am .. nd she comments underneath .. "Miss you babes <3 "! This really got to me today :( I feel like a stupid insecure 16 year old(I am 20) but I do not think there is any respect for my relationship ? I have no issue with a guy having friends who are girls but surely the friendship should be appropriate to the situation you are in .? (single or taken etc) Am I being unreasonable here and should I discuss this with him now ? Do you think boundaries are being crossed or is this OK ? Thanks in advance for your advice x


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  • You are correct in what you think as far as I'm concerned. You may as well just tell him; I'll move on with my life and let you two have one another.

  • Id confront him, If my girlfriend was doing that id be yelling at her demanding to know what was going on.


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