How to get her to want me to pick me to see no one would do this for her?

This girl I met on Facebook we been talking and texting for months and such but there are other guys who like her as well..i was the first to talk to her and such...she said I'm sweet nice and my words are sweet and I make her feel special and smiley I don't know if I still do I get her to perfer me over these guys I have figured when I asked if I could call her she says not tonight but she talks to other guy that same night...she works would it be a sweet thing to leave her voice messages? that make her night or day if she asleep or not what should I say please help...i made her two songs...but that doesn't seem to make her chase me. "She doesn't want a boyfriend tho"


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  • I think you need to give her a bit of space, that way she'll start to miss your sweet gestures and come back to see. Don't contact her as often and I think it'll work. Can you answer mine please?
    So I have this friendly acquaintance, we're more than anquaintances but not in the friend zone. I know that he is interested and my instict is telling me that he will ask me out the next time we see each other. Right now I don't want to date anyone, but I'd like to fool around. I have literally 0 experience (not even my 1st kiss!) and I'm 18 and he's 21. How should I tell him that I just want something sexual? How do you think he'll react?

    • what race are you both and why would you just want something sexual if you haven't had a real experiences I think you're rushing into getting yourself preggo and ruin you life/future...should move on and date guys not for "sex" keep your legs closed.

    • then theirs the dieases such as herpes hiv and all that deadly crap.


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  • Girl have to choice what guy they like. I don't like a guy that bugs me all the time. She already sid your sweet and so forth Girls also like humor. Try that. Don't be pushy.She does have other guys to talk to. Why would a guy bother with that? You should be the only one she talks too. Just saying. Give it time!


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  • You can't really make her prefer you over your "competition". You should try spending time with her personally. If she's somewhere close to you, you should go and sit and talk to her. That will give you a bigger chance for her.

    Also, ask her to talk with you through Skype. That would be the best most intimate thing you can do over the Internet.