Should you know whether or not you want to marry a person after 2.5 years of dating?

If you're still uncertain after all that time, isn't that a sign that you have your answer - no?

This is in regards to my feelings, not me waiting on a man haha.

Or should you give it more time, maybe you'll become certain later?

Thanks everyone. Yeah we started dating young, I was 18, almost 21 now. He's two years older. I'm not in a hurry to get married young, I just don't see the point in staying in a long-term relationship if I don't think I'm going to marry him someday. I'll probably give it some more time...I'm kinda waiting to see if some things smooth out and be OK, otherwise it might not work.


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  • If you met at quite young age like.. 18 or below then you can be unsure after 2,5 years as your personality and expectations are still very volatile and forming but after 20+ years you should know it already by then


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  • I think it's too soon.


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  • Don't rush into anything as serious as marriage. Set up a list of pros and cons of the qualities you like and dislike about this guy, and whichever out weighs the other, you have your answer. So give it more time because 2.5 years of dating is really not a lot a lot of time.