Guys: He told me he doesn't want to hurt me... cliche?

I have a friend and lately we've been hooking up. I do it because it's fun, not because I like him. Over the weekend, while he was high, he told me that he liked me. I always had feelings for him but I don't get emotionally attached to guys. During our hook ups, I never kissed him. We recently started kissing but I would stop and tell him that I don't want to get attached.

This morning, he came to my dorm, we did what we did and after while we were kissing and cuddling, I stopped again letting him know I didn't want to get attached. So he got dressed and was heading back to his dorm. Then he asked me to please let him leave and I blocked the door, trying to kiss him and he wouldn't let me. He told me he was a Fd up guy, and he just can't control his sexual urges, and that I should listen to him because he usually doesn't warn girls (and he has a longgg list of exs) and he's a bad guy and may cheat, and he can't promise that he won't hurt me, so he should leave. Then he kisses me on my forehead and my cheek and leaves.

Do you think he's being genuine?

*correction, we don't have sex, we do everything but sex lol.
I'm 18, I doubt anyone I meet now is gonna end up being my future husband. So I know its not real. Whatever I do in college is for pure entertainment, I don't get attached. I'm the heartless cold "b***h". Lol don't get me wrong I like guys and get crushes, but I don't let it advance. He's lik the first guy I almost got attached to in a while.


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  • yeah I think he was being genuine. I don't think he would've told you he may cheat just for the hell of it. he probably has some feelings for you and told you that so you don't start liking him and get hurt.

    • haha he was being veryyyy genuine. I fell for him and I fell hard. He never got sex and eventually realized it would never happen and stop talking to me.


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  • I would ask why you don't want to get emotionally attached to guys, but after your description of him I'd say you should be friends only, and don't see him alone anymore.

  • Do you think guys say "I may cheat on you" because that is the sort of line that wins the girls?

    Sure he's being genuine. He has every reason to be. I think he knows that telling you this, will get him what he wants.

    • I don't want him because hell cheat or I think I can change him. I want him because he's a great listener and I can tell him a lot of things and he helps me through my situation. He was a great friend before things got sexual. Now we did what we did before and cuddle and kiss so its kind of fun

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  • Maybe he likes you and doesn't want to hurt you but if as you said you always had feelings for him , you should stop hooking up and just be friends who hang out